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Cultivars: Rouge d’Hiver, Red Deer’s Tongue (both heirloom)

My local garden calendar recommends seeding indoors February 7 for transplanting March 18. The seed packet recommends starting indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting, so this lines up. I’m sowing indoors on February 23, since I just received them yesterday, and will set them outdoors March 16-23, or when the ground is ready.

Pinetree Leaf Lettuce mix – from the website:
“We see a number of advantages to mixing greens: you get a variety of colors, textures, tastes and maturation times from the same planting. This mix has a uniquely American twist, however; they are all leaf lettuces and all sweet varieties. The mix will contain most of the loose-leaf varieties in the catalog and nearly a dozen others. “

Seed packet recommends starting indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting with 50-70 degree soil temps. I started these inside March 1.

Companions for Lettuce: Carrot, cucumber, onion, radish, strawberries, beetroot, marigolds

Lettuce is a good companion for: beans, beetroot, cabbage family, carrots, cucumber, onions, strawberries

Mutually beneficial vegetables I’m planting: lettuce, carrot, cucumber, onions, beets, strawberries