My name is Amber. I have a husband, Spence, and three children: Connor, who is going to college in Tennessee, and Matt and Ben, who live with us. In March of 2019, after almost 18 years of moving every 2-3 years, we bought a house in Bruceton Mills, WV, the home we plan to settle in. It came with five beautiful acres and I decided to become a farmer. I have an M.S. in molecular biology and that education has firmly convinced me of the importance of organic farming practices.

This is a chronicle of my adventures in homesteading. It begins in the earliest research and planning stages prior to my family’s purchase of a house and land. I’m hoping this will be a useful tool for planning and recording what works…or doesn’t. Maybe it will eventually help other beginners feel more confident about how to get started and progress with the development of their own homestead.

Cherith Brook is described in I Kings 17:1-7. It’s the place where God kept Elijah safe and provided him with the sustenance he needed to survive. A place of safety, care, and sustenance describes the home I want to provide for my husband and children, and that’s what I hope the Cherith Brook homestead will be.