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Second seed order

So many things that I’m not going to link each one individually.

From Pinetree: Bennings green tint scallop summer squash (heirloom), Armenian cucumber (heirloom), Sorrel green, Scarlet runner bean (heirloom), Long Island Improved brussels sprouts (heirloom), Red Russian kale (heirloom), Black Turtle bush dried bean, Vermont Cranberry bush dried bean (heirloom), Dragon Langerie bush bean (heirloom), Windsor fava bean, Tongue of Fire bush bean (heirloom), Mosaic yard long bean (heirloom), Red noodle yard long bean (heirloom), Yard long bean (heirloom), Speckled Calico pole lima bean (heirloom), King of the Garden pole lima bean (heirloom), Silver Queen okra (heirloom), Connecticut field pumpkin (heirloom), Ogen melon, Ginkaku melon, Ananas melon (heirloom), Brisk Green pak choi, Boston pickling cucumber (heirloom), winter squash blend, summer squash mix, Lebanese White bush summer squash, motherwort, Black Beauty summer squash (heirloom), Delicata squash (heirloom), Tomatillo (heirloom), Golden Bantam corn (heirloom), Dragon carrot, Rainbow carrot, Atomic Red carrot, Moon & Stars watermelon (heirloom), Chiogga beet (heirloom), Early Wonder beet (heirloom), Vera lavender, Millenium asparagus, Purple Passion asparagus, Mammoth Sandwich Island salsify (heirloom), Black salsify scorzonera (heirloom), Black Tip wheat, thyme, sage, Greek oregano, mint, lemon grass, Hollow Crown parsnip (heirloom), Afina cutting celery, large leaf cilantro, borage, fernleaf dill, fennel, lemon balm, viola (johnny jump up), and Pasilla Bajia hot pepper (heirloom).

I also ordered a few things from Seeds Now because they were recommended by a farmer in a YouTube video I was watching (I don’t remember which one, unfortunately). Their reviews are good and prices are so low that I decided they were worth a try. I ordered summer savory, tarragon, rosemary, Glorious Gleam nasturtiums, marjoram, Shungiku edible chrysanthemums, Purple Top White Globe turnip (heirloom), American purple top rutabaga (heirloom), Purple Beauty bell pepper (heirloom), Red Burgundy okra (heirloom), garlic chives, Rapini broccoli raab (heirloom), Highbush blueberry, Mary Washington asparagus seeds (as opposed to the starts I ordered from Pinetree, heirloom), clover sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and California Wonder bell pepper (heirloom, free promotional item). The total was less than $20 with a discount code I found online and shipping was free. If I like the results, I’ll try more items from them next year.

First seed order

I decided to go with Pinetree Super Seeds because my dad recommended them. Yes, I’m planting A LOT but I want to find out what we eat the most (all the vegetables I’m planting are things I’ve cooked/eaten before). Plus, using the woodchip method means a lower maintenance garden, which means I can grow a lot more!

Soloist Chinese cabbage – for kimchi

Minowase daikon radish – for kimchi

Hinona Kabu Japanese turnip – for kimchi

Bunching crimson forest onion – for kimchi

Biquinho yellow pepper – for kimchi

Napoli carrot – for kimchi

Red shiso – for kimchi


Alaska mix nasturtiums

Red deer tongue lettuce

Rouge d’Hiver heirloom French lettuce

Pinetree Lettuce Mix

Carantan leek

Violetta Italia cauliflower

Early snowball cauliflower

Large Prague celeriac

Pinetree broccoli mix

Top bunch collards

Kossack kohlrabi

Spring blush snap pea

Sugar Magnolia snap pea

Gold coin onion

Red marble cippolini onion

Conservor shallot

Green globe improved artichoke

Pinetree spinach mix

Pineapple tomato

Oregon spring tomato – to harvest green (YUM)

Black cherry tomato

Sungold cherry tomato

Tumbling tom cherry tomato

Orange sun pepper

Ancho hot pepper

Anaheim hot pepper

Italian pepperoncini – Ben’s favorite

Super thai pepper

Pinetree radish mix

Pinetree basil mix