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First flock

These are the chicks I’m ordering for delivery in June since that’s the earliest delivery I can get at this point. (Thanks to Guildbrook Farms for some great advice – I highly recommend their fantastic YouTube channel). I’m focusing on Dorking and Easter Eggers this year and getting a variety of other breeds to see what I like.

Silver Gray Dorking (cream/tinted egg): 4 females and 1 male. My rooster will be this breed so I can contribute toward the continuation of this endangered, heritage breed dating back to the Roman empire. It’s a sweet, gentle breed so this should be a good rooster.

Barred Rock (brown eggs): 3 females.

Easter Egger (colored eggs): 3 females. I’m getting these primarily for egg marketability. People love colored eggs (and so do I).

Blue/Black/Splash Cochin (light brown eggs): 1 female. I’m getting one of these to be the mama of my flock.

Silver-Laced Wyandotte (light brown eggs): 1 female

Australorp (light brown eggs): 1 female

Golden Comet (brown eggs): 1 female