I meant to buy celery seeds from Pinetree and try some interesting, new things but somehow missed them, so these are Ferry-Morse organic seeds from Lowe’s.

Cultivar: Tall Utah 5270R Improved

Packet recommends planting indoors 10 weeks before outdoor planting date and to transplant out when they’re 4″ tall. It always bugs me when they don’t include information relevant to frost hardiness, but that’s why I’m keeping all these notes: so I’ll know for next year if I transplanted too early/late, etc.

I seeded inside March 3.

Celery companions: beans, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, tomatoes, dill

Good companion for: beans, cabbage family, cucumber, leeks, tomatoes

DO NOT plant next to: parsnips

Mutually beneficial: celery, beans, cauliflower, leeks

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