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Product Spotlight: Winter Relief Facial

I developed this facial treatment four years ago and get continuous requests for it.  A great deal of research went into this product, and I haven’t found anything like it elsewhere.  Each container is about one-half french green clay and one-half a blend of powders and herbs that is my own creation.  It has a LOT of ingredients, and each one has properties that are beneficial to the skin.

French green clay is very effective at cleansing the skin of oils and pulling impurities from pores.  It’s also therapeutic due to the high content of minerals and phyto-nutrients.  Balancing out the clay, the herbal blend contains buttermilk powder, honey powder, alfalfa leaf powder, chammomile powder, cornsilk powder, cranberry fiber, dendritic salt, fennel seed powder, lavender buds powder, orange peel powder, parsley leaf powder, peppermint leaf powder, rosehips powder, shavegrass powder, calendula powder, and rose petal powder.  There’s also a small amount of fragrance.

You’ll be amazed at what this does for your skin!  I recommend using once or twice per week.  Directions and ideas for use are found on the product listing at the store, which is here: Winter Relief Facial.

Each tin contains one ounce; since you mix it with water, the powder goes a long way.  Keep water out of the container, as I avoid using preservatives in all of my products.  How long it lasts depends on how much you use, but one container typically lasts me two months.

A word on packaging

At Cherith Brook, I use minimal packaging.  I use recyclable containers wherever possible, and keep labeling to a minimum.  I hope that these containers will be reused if they are not recycled.  I know a lot of people like beautiful things with elaborate, gorgeous containers, but my philosophy is one of sustainability.  It’s what’s inside the package that matters, and I hope that everyone can appreciate my efforts to be as kind to our planet as possible.  If you’re local and return reusable containers, I’ll deduct fifty cents from your order for each container returned (these are sterilized before they are used again).  I’m happy to make the same offer by mail, but I’m afraid postage might make it less of an incentive 😉  But if you want to save up your containers and return them all at once, I’ll take them!

Welcome to Cherith Brook!

I’ve been creating home made soaps and bath/body products for ten years, selling them on and off.  My family has permanently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, a place of breathtaking beauty.  Our new home is equipped with a small workshop perfect for my crafting, so I’ll be able to concentrate on it more than I ever have before.  I’ve spent a lot of time over the years researching plants, herbs, and essential oils to better apply their therapeutic benefits to what I make.  I plan to use this blog to track my new products, since I expect my available inventory to change a lot.  Products that gain a loyal following will, of course, always be carried 🙂

I believe strongly in natural body care.  My soap is made from scratch (not “melt and pour”) and is full of all the wonderful oils and glycerin that commercial soapmakers remove from their product (which is why store-bought bar soap is so drying to the skin).  I do use fragrance oils in my soap, but they’re very high quality.  I have extremely sensitive skin, which was a primary motivation in starting this ten years ago, and I’ve never had a reaction to the fragrance oils that I use.  I do try to carry soaps scented only with essential oils when possible, but have found the soaps scented with fragrance oils to be more popular.

I think that the best way to care for your skin is to treat it gently, avoiding the harsh chemicals found in most modern beauty treatments.  I spent years torturing my skin with these products, only to find that a simple, natural regimen did more for my skin than all those expensive masks, scrubs, and lotions had!

As I add products to my store, I’ll write about them here.  Following my blog is the best way to stay updated on anything that becomes available.  I’m happy to share my knowledge, so please feel free to post comments and/or questions at any time.