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Product Spotlight: Winter Relief Facial

I developed this facial treatment four years ago and get continuous requests for it.  A great deal of research went into this product, and I haven’t found anything like it elsewhere.  Each container is about one-half french green clay and one-half a blend of powders and herbs that is my own creation.  It has a LOT of ingredients, and each one has properties that are beneficial to the skin.

French green clay is very effective at cleansing the skin of oils and pulling impurities from pores.  It’s also therapeutic due to the high content of minerals and phyto-nutrients.  Balancing out the clay, the herbal blend contains buttermilk powder, honey powder, alfalfa leaf powder, chammomile powder, cornsilk powder, cranberry fiber, dendritic salt, fennel seed powder, lavender buds powder, orange peel powder, parsley leaf powder, peppermint leaf powder, rosehips powder, shavegrass powder, calendula powder, and rose petal powder.  There’s also a small amount of fragrance.

You’ll be amazed at what this does for your skin!  I recommend using once or twice per week.  Directions and ideas for use are found on the product listing at the store, which is here: Winter Relief Facial.

Each tin contains one ounce; since you mix it with water, the powder goes a long way.  Keep water out of the container, as I avoid using preservatives in all of my products.  How long it lasts depends on how much you use, but one container typically lasts me two months.