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Welcome to Cherith Brook!

I’ve been creating home made soaps and bath/body products for ten years, selling them on and off.  My family has permanently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, a place of breathtaking beauty.  Our new home is equipped with a small workshop perfect for my crafting, so I’ll be able to concentrate on it more than I ever have before.  I’ve spent a lot of time over the years researching plants, herbs, and essential oils to better apply their therapeutic benefits to what I make.  I plan to use this blog to track my new products, since I expect my available inventory to change a lot.  Products that gain a loyal following will, of course, always be carried 🙂

I believe strongly in natural body care.  My soap is made from scratch (not “melt and pour”) and is full of all the wonderful oils and glycerin that commercial soapmakers remove from their product (which is why store-bought bar soap is so drying to the skin).  I do use fragrance oils in my soap, but they’re very high quality.  I have extremely sensitive skin, which was a primary motivation in starting this ten years ago, and I’ve never had a reaction to the fragrance oils that I use.  I do try to carry soaps scented only with essential oils when possible, but have found the soaps scented with fragrance oils to be more popular.

I think that the best way to care for your skin is to treat it gently, avoiding the harsh chemicals found in most modern beauty treatments.  I spent years torturing my skin with these products, only to find that a simple, natural regimen did more for my skin than all those expensive masks, scrubs, and lotions had!

As I add products to my store, I’ll write about them here.  Following my blog is the best way to stay updated on anything that becomes available.  I’m happy to share my knowledge, so please feel free to post comments and/or questions at any time.